Based out of Atlanta, GA, has once again advanced the art of music/video creation and performance forward like no one else. Whether it be making audio tracks and remixes in the studio, building video material from scratch, or performing to thousands in a club or festival atmosphere, 2ndNature revolutionizes everything he touches.

2009 took 2ndNature from coast to coast constantly, allowing him to take his live video mixing to hundreds of bookings and events. DJ Times magazine has taken note of his accomplishments in the cutting edge world of video mixing by running a cover story on him in a recent issue, and 2ndNature was voted #4 VJ in the World by DJ Mag out of London.  His Remixes have also continued to sell around the world and appear everywhere from BBC Radio One, radio waves in the US, and blogs from adoring fans. It also spawned a new development concept when he teamed with DL Jones to create live tracks with a whole new vibe.

2nd Nature’s creativity in the studio, ability to perform live, and his Emmy Nomination have moved Second Nature Collective to the forefront as well. Corporate Clients like Blackberry, Chivas Regal, Nissan, TMobile and Merrell, have looked for content creation and live execution from 2nd Nature Productions.

Weather it be viral or commercial, 2nd Nature continues to revolutionize the art of music/video creation and performance.