Obsessed: Work Hard, Play Hard!

We work, we play; we work, we play.

It’s those busy work weeks that leave us anxiously waiting for the weekend.

Fortunately, we discovered The Weekend Warmup at CosmoLava: a festive night of drinks, music and dancing every Thursday night.  It’s the hottest place to go for a mid-week pick-me-up, an end of the     week wind down or a pre-game for the weekend.

You can now look forward to every week knowing that The Weekend Warmup has an array of cocktails and a variety of music lead by DJ’s Cam I AM and Jeremy Ladd.

Ladd is an Atlanta favorite among DJs, always playing the hottest hits.  He’s been involved in all aspects of entertainment from an emcee, to DJ, to acting and voice-overs.  His perfection and experience in the industry make him one of the most sought-after DJs across the country, and a great addition to The Weekend Warmup.

CosmoLava is the “Ultimate Midtown Experience” with its six bars, four dance floors and delicious cocktails.  Not to mention, it has three levels so there’s plenty of room for large parties and events!

It’s our latest obsession, and the greatest place to be every Thursday night. cosmolava.comCosmoLava Logo