Jory Johnson, aka DJ sublime, started out in the underground throwing raves and EDM
weeklies as part of Vinylboy Productions at the Masquerade, the Vault, Market and the
Globe Theater. He quickly made a name for himself as an opener for many headliners.
Vinylboy became Surface ATL in 2003 and moved into the clubs and held long running
weeklies at both Hush in midtown and the Mark Ultralounge downtown. In 2005 Jory
was approached by TK productions / In Like Flynn and started dance / top 40 / hip hop
residencies at the biggest clubs in Atlanta (1150, Fever, Aiko). In 2006, Jory moved to
Aiko as a full time resident and played there until the club closed in 2009.

DJ sublime has continued to embrace any and all dance music and can play to any
crowd for any length of time, preferring to play the entire night if possible. I also have
tons of experience promoting my own events with a 10,000+ person email list that is
specific to the club/bar business,, and a strong Facebook presence
( I am a tireless promoter and work very hard to make
any club or event I am involved with a success!