With numerous years of experience, Jeremy has been involved with all aspects of the entertainment industry. Having credit in acting and voice-overs to being a well-known DJ and all types of event and audio productions, there are very few areas that have not been explored by his talent.

Being involved in the music industry opened up another interest and passion in Jeremy’s career, a love that he has always had for music. Through the years he has been a resident DJ at some of the hottest and best known nightclubs in Atlanta, such as eleven50, Vision, Fever, Cosmopolitan, Leopard Lounge, Sutra, Aiko, Verve, and many others. Jeremy has also played all over the US in a variety of different venues. Traveling non-stop through the summer months will lead him to cities such as New York, Miami, DC, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas, and many more. Playing a range of music that includes house, breaks, hip-hop, and top 40, everything is possible when it comes to playing for a crowd.

While on the road as a DJ and emcee, Jeremy was a featured opening DJ act for the Black Eyed Peas in 2010, and has also worked with Funk Master Flex, Ludacris, T.I., Gavin DeGraw, and Joel Madden. Jeremy has worked with many A-list celebrities including Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, 50 Cent, Queen Latifah, Bruno Mars, Rick Ross, and Tommy Hilfiger.

[title h2=”title_blue”]Acting and Voice-over[/title]
A non-stop passion to perform is a quality that is a driving force in Jeremy’s career. He made his film acting debut in the Walt Disney production of Remember the Titans. His television work includes a recent appearance on the pilot episode of the TNT production Franklin and Bash, and co-hosting duties on the syndicated NOPI Tunervision, which aired on the Speed channel for six seasons and also featured on the Travel Channel. Additionally, Jeremy’s voiceover work can be heard in numerous radio and TV commercials in the local, regional, and national markets.



[title h2=”title_red”]Emcee[/title] This is the first area that he devoted his talent toward. Originally starting with Jefferson Pilot Communications as an Emcee host for events sponsored by Star94 in Atlanta, Jeremy gained local recognition in the community and later became the leader of Q Party Crew team with the Cumulus owned Q100. That experience-lead him to the world of motor sports with the Atlanta based NOPI Nationals Car Show Series and NDRA Racing and Drift Series. Hosting swimsuit contests and commentating for the races help build his confidence and experience to become one of the co-hosts of the Speed Channel’s television show NOPI Tunervision.



[title h2=”title_red”] Production[/title] Perfection is a requirement in all of Jeremy’s performances. Going beyond the expected duties to ensure a flawless production is a necessity in his eyes. Producing sound and light for fashion shows, special events, and concerts is a strong area of experience. With a positive attitude and outlook, you can rest assured that if he is involved, the production will be top of the line.


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